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Funny Faces is a unique form of entertainment.

More that just an artistic display of caricature, more than a promotional giveaway, we have created Funny Faces as a traffic stopping “show.” Each step, from capturing the video image, to creating the drawing and giving away the finished art, is written, staged and scored for maximum entertainment value. This comes from our twenty plus years of experience in the entertainment industry.

An example of how Funny Faces are created.

Funny Faces is adaptable to almost any situation. Here is an example of how it works in a trade show environment.

1. Lights, Camera . . .

The videographer handles the camera and captures the images. The image is transferred over a our video network to the artists computer station.

2. . . .Action

With dexterous command of the mouse and keyboard, the artist transforms the image, in real time, on the screens for all to see. It is hilarious to see the images become “digital silly putty,” being stretched and twisted into comical configurations.

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3. Animated Action

With the click of a mouse, the image becomes an animation, morphing back and forth between the normal and crazy versions. This always brings reactions of laughter and amazement from the audience.

4. Souvenirs

A minute or two is all it takes for the artist to create this unique piece of original art. A moment later the person is handed a high quality color print out of the caricature along with your marketing message.

This print can include the company logo, slogan or any other message. It becomes a customized brochure that will be remembered and shown to people. Please see the SAMPLES section for examples of how your message can be integrated into the work.

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