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So what do these things really look like?

Here are a few examples of printed Funny Face caricatures. Each is printed on the highest quality ink-jet paper using photographic-quality color printers.


Greeting card style enclosures

The standard Funny Face caricature is folded, greeting card style, with the image on the inside right panel. This leaves the cover and inside left panel available for your custom inscription. The back usually caries a small Funny Faces logo and web site address, but is also available for your own message.



"Your Name Here"

There are many way to work the Funny Faces concept into your existing promotional plan. Here is an example of how the fictional company Widgetco used Funny Faces to introduce a new line of products at a trade show.




Request samples

To request a brochure and sample packet, please see the Booking section. Or continue to see how Funny Faces can work in your trade show booth or corporate event.



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