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We bring everything but the audience.

Funny Faces is designed to be effective in a variety of environments and situations, from the largest trade show and convention booths to the smallest hospitality suite or private party. The show is flexible and scalable to play "big and loud", "small and subtle" or any variation in between. And we provide everything but the electricity (and the faces).

Trade Shows, Conventions, Large Venues

The larger Funny Faces staging setup is pictured here. The artist is seated center with head set microphone and computer station. He also has an electronic drawing pad that controls the computers. This allows him the option of moving about the area and interacting more closely with the audience.

The Videographer can roam the area, or stay stationed at the head of a waiting line. Video monitors suspended above switch between the live camera video and the artists workstation. Every step of the creation is viewed on the video displays. We often will take a live camera shot of the printed card so that people in the back of the audience see what is being given away.


Smaller events

Flexibility is Funny Faces middle name (you would expect it to start with an F.) The setup can be scaled down to fit in practically any space without loosing its impact. Here is an example of a set up in a smaller booth, in a 6' x 6' area.

Hospitality Suites, Parties

For smaller venues we scale down the equipment but not the fun. Forgoing the large monitor rig and microphone for a smaller set up, we recommend a medium size monitor on a riser. Depending upon the expected size of the crowd, we may not use a camera operator. The artist can run the camera from his station, or the camera can be left stationary. Often for smaller affairs, we will set up in a room with a television and feed our signal through it.

We can bring as much or as little as you like.

Funny Faces can be hired as a self contained show including all personal, equipment and materials for one package price. We can also work with your exhibit suppler to integrate with your existing equipment. Example: You may want to display on your own monitors, video wall or projection system. No problem. Already have a stage setup? We can adapt our presentation to fit your situation. We are willing to work with you to bring you the most appropriate show at prices that wont burst your budget.


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